Thursday Song: “Just Talk”

It feels like an end to all the wars
The flags all lie in the dirt
And look at me now
Somehow I never got hurt

For days and days, the battles raged
And it seems like no one is left
Yes, it’s a fact
It’s an act of pure petty theft

The sadness is bracing
My heart is still racing against the clock
All I want is a chance to talk

A sad and a meaningless farewell
As pointless as saying goodnight
You want to fight
I’ll turn out the lights, you go home

‘Cause merriment is a losing game
When it’s a rock tied to you
I’ve heard some folks say
You live every day like it’s new

And you could come see me
Or look around with your eyes, like a hawk
All I want is a chance to talk

So it was, so it goes
You always felt so far
What’s the point?
No one knows
But here we are

All of the words they circle round
And come back to where they began
I think that I can
See meaning, but then again

Maybe I can do this all alone
Maybe it’s all about me
I’ll talk it all through
My face will be blue, you’ll see.

So maybe I’ll see you
Or maybe I’ll tend another flock
All I want is a chance to talk

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