Thursday Song: “Allahubbaloo”


I’ve never written a song with “nonsense” lyrics before, and I came across a song-prompt today where suggesting I do just that. Here’s my attempt to incorporate gibberish into a love song.

It might have worked better if I’d tried to say all the things the Fox says, but I didn’t feel up to it this morning. 🙂

Well, hello there, how do you do?
I’ve never seen you walk right through the door before
I am fine, but I’m afraid
Still meeting you has made me see how I want more

But somehow I’ve got nothing I can say
If I make up the words, is that okay?

Ooh babba-loo alla-hubba-loo

If I ask you, will you stay?
And talk to me before it’s time to go, you know?
I want to smile or run away
I can’t believe I had the guts to say hello

Have people ever scared me quite like you?
Much too far between and much too few

Ooh babba-loo alla-hubba-loo

What were you saying?
Are you just playing
Me for a fool, ’cause
That’s all that I was?
I want to find a way
To spell it out, but my mouth
Won’t obey

I can see why you would leave
But I don’t think that I can keep my mouth shut
At least I know I am afraid
To try to say these things, I know it takes guts

I guess this is a way I can be brave
To open up my mouth and rant and rave

Ooh babba-loo alla-hubba-loo

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