Sunday Song: “What You Up To?”


I really didn’t know what I was going to write about today.  I thought about writing a “typical” love song, and then it started to turn into a song narrated by a perennial moocher, trying to scam money/attention from someone romantically.  I also really liked the idea of a song called “What You Up To?” It tickled me.

Hey baby, where have you been?
It’s been a long time
I know I disappeared, but but I’m on my last dime
I know you think it’s true
It’s not the kind of thing I’d do
And maybe you still think I’m slime

But say goodbye to the kind of life that you have had
See you later, alligator, now you won’t be sad
I am telling you
It’s not too good to be true
And no, I am not a passing fad

I want to call you
What you up to?

So blow you down, bet you didn’t think you’d see me here
In another life time, I know disappeared
The world can seem so cruel
Leave me feeling like a fool
Baby, can I make myself more clear?

Hold on tight, all your might, give it all your all
‘Cause there’s nothing so funny as a giant fall
What’s that? You don’t care?
Guess I caught you unaware
But, oh baby, please don’t make me crawl

I want to call you
What you up to?

Can you tell me something?
Baby, do you love me?
No one else is like you
No one is so kind
But this time I mean it
Baby, you can see it
I am gonna make you mine

I want to call you
What you up to?

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