Saturday Song: “Valentine’s Day”


Another love song (and another song that I played on only two strings of the guitar).

I hope you’re happy and you’re warm
In your pure and basic form
I am thinking of you now
As much as as time-space will allow

Every time my mind sees you
I see a vast array
Every one is like the sun
On Valentines Day

If you see me, say a word
Like a singing little bird
I wish I was there with you
Something old, something new

I want to know that you’re alive
And that you are okay
Feel the love which I speak of
On Valentines Day

I know that you are probably doing fine
Should I just wait for the stars to all align?

So talk to me now if you can
Reach across the planet’s span
‘Cause we are not so far apart
Can you feel it in your heart?

I come to you with empty hands
No chocolates or bouquet
I don’t know where this will go
On Valentines Day

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