My Plate is Too Full

Here’s a video of me writing a song.

If you’ve ever been curious about what my writing process is like, this is a chance to watch me in action.  I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired when I was writing this song, but I kept writing anyway.  That’s kind of the secret to writing songs – just do it – and if you think the song is boring, cheesy, awful, etc., just keep writing. It might not end up being the best song ever – it could even be the worst song ever.  But then there will be a song in the world where previously there had been none.  And I think one song (even the worst) is better than nothing.

9 thoughts on “My Plate is Too Full

    1. nate Post author

      You’re very welcome, Annika. My hope is that I can help inspire people to try writing songs (or keep writing them).

      1. Annika

        Oh, I never saw your reply until now…well, I just love your attitude about songwriting. And yes, your video made quite a change for me, maybe not at once, but the change is coming slowly and there’s no stopping it. So, thanks again for posting it!

  1. frank

    amazing. a terrific song. i like that you did not kill yourself to rhyme every line. it seems like you have more lyric freedom when you don’t rhyme all the time. woops. i rhymed. twice.



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