Monday Song: “Love Will Plant the Seed”

Yesterday I finally got a decent offer on my house. I’ve been impatiently waiting for this for a few months now, and yet, when it happened, I was overcome with anxiety. Do I really want to sell it? Do I really want to move? I was surprised that I didn’t just feel unrestrained joy.

This song is a bit of a musing on how I’m rarely ever sure what I really want. Some things I want out of fear of not having them, but the things I just want because I want them – they’re hard to see.

Is it really time?
Is it really there?
Why do I feel so unprepared?
I have waited long
So impatiently
And now that it’s here, I am scared

When you want to seek it out
It never finds you when you’re looking
Always say a prayer for where you are

Love has planted the seed
But this is not what I need

How do I know
If I want it so?
Do I mind if it never comes true?
If it means so much
It avoids my touch
And it makes me wait and stew

If everything is so important
None of it can breathe a moment
Who am I to know what’s best for me?

Love will plant the seed
But this is not what I need

I need to stay
I need to go
I need the rain
I need the snow
I need to take the time
To take it slow

Love will plant the seed
But this is not what I need

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