Friday Song: “Losing”


I’m back home now, and after all my travels, I’ve started getting a bit of a sore throat.  I’ve found that whenever I try to “fight” a cold, I feel worse.  When I give up and let it have it’s way with me, I usually feel better.  

I also thought about how most people I’ve known who have started lawsuits have seemed to be exhausted by the whole process.  They feel righteous, but it seems to drain them in some way.

Sometimes, I think it can be wonderful to throw in the towel and give up.  What do you think?

I am tired of fighting back
I give in
You have love, and I have lack
Who will win?

Losing ain’t all that bad in the end

Now’s a chance to face my fear
And live my life
I’ve given up year after year
To turmoil and to strife

Losing ain’t all that bad in the end

Better to break than bend

I focus on the little things
To hide from your face
Tying knots with little string
To not lose my place

But losing ain’t all that bad in the end

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