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My Kickstarter campaign has only one week left!  If you’ve ever wanted me to write you a custom song (or wanted to own my beautiful National Resophonic guitar), now is your chance.

In celebration, I’m offering a free MP3 download of a song going on the album.
“Memories in a Glass” is a quiet, bossa-nova-inspired song I’m really happy with:

You can also download the mp3 file HERE.
(you might have to right-click or control-click the link to download it.)

Click HERE to go to my Kickstarter page. Thanks to everyone who’s pledged so far!  You’ve inspired me.

27 thoughts on “Free Song

  1. Amy

    Hi Nate. You somehow always manage to keep topping yourself. In all honesty, i love every song you have written. Thanks for sharing your gift. I cannot wait for the CD. All your songs make me think and smile. Thank you cuz. I hope to see you on tour soon.

      1. Amy

        Thanks for replying Nate. I honestly cannot tell you how happy and at peace your songs make me feel. They really give one perspective on life.

  2. Adrian

    It’s interesting that you mention as a concern ‘not being able to do music on your own,’ according to the blog post below. I’ll freely admit that I only started following Girlyman a couple of years ago, but every time I’ve seen you live it’s always been you (for the most part) improvising the tuning songs, which I find to be some of the most impressive bits of your musicality. I think that you have an excellent, strong style to call your own, and I hope that you’ll be able to use the base you’ve built as Girlyman to launch on your own and develop that style (which the world quite needs more of). Kudos for going on it, and I’m very much enjoying this song (on repeat); do you have a copy of the lyrics? (This hearing-impaired person appreciates music but has trouble distinguishing the words.) In sum: good luck, keep going; you’ve got the fire.

    1. nate Post author

      Thank you so much, Adrian. You say nice things like that, and I’ll happily share the lyrics 🙂

      It burns like a taste against your lips
      Of hundred-proof brandy with rose hips
      Of hundred-proof gin taken straight up
      Of whiskey just poured right in the cup
      It hits you before you know it’s there
      A forgotten thought you thought somewhere
      A forgotten drink that you once had
      It fills up your heart and leaves you sad

      Like all the memories of the past
      In a glass

      I never bet much on the odds
      On the hopes of the mortals or the gods
      The hopes of the millions that have gone
      Now they just fertilize the lawn
      Now they can be who they’ve become
      More than the place that they came from
      More than words can quite contain
      Drink it all down and ease the pain

      Like all the memories of the past
      In a glass

      I guess it’s just another ride
      One of a thousand that you’ve tried
      One of a thousand points of light
      For everything that you got right
      And everything just feels so small
      Like falling in love with nothing at all
      Like falling out of the darkest sky
      It fills up your heart and makes you cry

      Like all the memories of the past
      In a glass


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