Monthly Archives: February 2014

Thursday Song: “On Display”


Here’s a cute little short song. I’m not sure why, but I played it using only two strings on the guitar. It somehow still seems to have more chords than usual. Continue reading

Wednesday Song: “Where Have I Gone?”


I was doing some work on my house today, and it involved re-routing some of the plumbing. This resulted in some spilled water. I took my experience in the crawlspace under my house as a starting point for the song, but it quickly turned into a metaphor for the dark crawlspace in all of us. Continue reading

Tuesday Song: “You Don’t Care”


I guess much of this song is based on a dream I had last night. It’s about regret for those relationships long past that you still think about from time to time. Continue reading

Monday Song: “Wing and a Prayer”


I always loved Philip Seymour Hoffman in any movie I saw him in (one of my old therapists bore a remarkable resemblance to him, so maybe that’s why). Just last week, my friend Ary waxed poetic about the end of the last Hunger Games movie, saying, “Wouldn’t you want to wake up to Philip Seymour Hoffman telling you, ‘This is the revolution!‘?”

He was on my mind as I was writing this, much as Pete Seeger was with the song last week. It’s not really a tribute – more of a love song to someone I didn’t know, but felt like I did. Continue reading

Sunday Song: “Headlights”


I’ve never alligator wrestled, but I imagined it last night – I was holding on tight to it, trying to keep it’s mouth from opening. It seemed like once you had a hold of it, it would be hard to safely let it go. What are the things in life that hurt us, but we hold onto, for fear they’ll hurt us more? Continue reading

Saturday Song: “When I Go”


Today’s song is about all the times in my life I’ve felt under-appreciated.  I’m sure there was always an element of me not appreciating myself, but we don’t need to go there today.  🙂 Continue reading