Monthly Archives: February 2014

Tuesday Song: “As Long As My Mind Will Obey”


This song is from the perspective of someone losing her memory. Maybe Alzheimers or dementia – she has memories, but isn’t quite sure if they’re real or not. Continue reading

Sunday Song: “Maybe Now You’ll Learn”


This week, I’m participating in the the Fearless Songwriter group on Facebook. Each day has it’s own prompt. Today’s is “non-human love”.

This song is my attempt at writing from my cat Betsy’s perspective – particularly regarding his relationship with my friend Doris. Dogs love Doris – she is the ultimate alpha. But whenever she see’s Betsy, she rushes towards him, saying, “Betsy love me!” and he calmly walks away in the other direction. Continue reading

Friday Song: “Hemispheres”


In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s another un-ironic love song. The guitar was unavailable today, so I wrote this on the bouzouki (the most romantic instrument of all?). Continue reading

Thursday Song: “Allahubbaloo”


I’ve never written a song with “nonsense” lyrics before, and I came across a song-prompt today where suggesting I do just that. Here’s my attempt to incorporate gibberish into a love song. Continue reading

Wednesday Song: “The Edge of the Storm”


Greetings from the “catastrophic” Icepocalypse in Atlanta. I’m safe, and I still have power, so I was able to record this appropriately-themed song. Doris, JJ & Django from Django Jones are in town visiting, so we’re having a fun cozy snow day. Django even chimes in with a little word at the end of the song. Continue reading

Tuesday Song: “Not Ironic”


Writing a week of un-ironic love songs is harder than I thought. I keep coming up against my inner 13-year-old, terrified of not being “cool” enough. I often use irony to hide how scared I am, so I suppose this song has an appropriately “scared” vibe. Certainly, sharing it with the world is scary. Continue reading