Monthly Archives: February 2014

Monday Song: “Love Will Plant the Seed”

Yesterday I finally got a decent offer on my house. I’ve been impatiently waiting for this for a few months now, and yet, when it happened, I was overcome with anxiety. Do I really want to sell it? Do I really want to move? I was surprised that I didn’t just feel unrestrained joy.

This song is a bit of a musing on how I’m rarely ever sure what I really want. Some things I want out of fear of not having them, but the things I just want because I want them – they’re hard to see. Continue reading

Wednesday Song: “Punching Air”


I think I’ve always wanted to write a song with the line “Why are you hitting yourself?” Whether it’s a bullying older brother, Brad Pitt/Edward Norton in Fight Club, or a metaphor for self-destructive behavior, I think it works quite nicely as an image. Continue reading