Monthly Archives: February 2013

My Plate is Too Full

Here’s a video of me writing a song.

If you’ve ever been curious about what my writing process is like, this is a chance to watch me in action.  I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired when I was writing this song, but I kept writing anyway.  That’s kind of the secret to writing songs – just do it – and if you think the song is boring, cheesy, awful, etc., just keep writing. It might not end up being the best song ever – it could even be the worst song ever.  But then there will be a song in the world where previously there had been none.  And I think one song (even the worst) is better than nothing.

Free Song

My Kickstarter campaign has only one week left!  If you’ve ever wanted me to write you a custom song (or wanted to own my beautiful National Resophonic guitar), now is your chance.

In celebration, I’m offering a free MP3 download of a song going on the album.
“Memories in a Glass” is a quiet, bossa-nova-inspired song I’m really happy with:

You can also download the mp3 file HERE.
(you might have to right-click or control-click the link to download it.)

Click HERE to go to my Kickstarter page. Thanks to everyone who’s pledged so far!  You’ve inspired me.