Sunday Song: “Nothing Left To Be”



I was talking last night with my friend Ary about the Old Testament God. In the ten commandments, he famously says he is “a jealous God,” which to me indicates a pretty insecure God.

I started trying to write from such a God’s perspective, and I quickly realized the song was about a parent longing for the time when their (presumably rebellious) child had basically worshipped them. When the child no longer thinks the sun rises and sets by you, who have you become?

Maybe I’m a jealous God
Maybe I’m insecure
Either way, I will not let you go
‘Cause you are mine and I am yours
Please do repeat the things
That I already know

I was once so kind and grand
The object of your worship
There were none that you put before me
But times they change and you move on
It’s like the magic’s gone
I’m stuck here with my apple tree

Baby, do you think of me?
I have nothing left to be

When you were just a little child
You always looked up to me
And everything about me was just grand
But now I guess you’re all grown up
Something else has changed, and now I’m
Left here in the sand

Baby, do you think of me?
I have nothing left to be

I will have to come around
I will have to feel this
I can no longer hold back the dam
And I will let you go your way
I will not need you to be
The sacrificial lamb

Baby, do you think of me?
I have nothing left to be

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