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Monday Song: “The Spring”

I will march on a rainy day
I have to say it’s cold
But where are you?
You are nowhere around
What is lost once was found then sold

Just go on
And rain upon

My hair is wet and the sky is grey
And the clouds are laying low
But I will face the world in the mist
Raising up my fist to show

That I do care
That you’re not there

The spring is not here yet
Another year
And I am still wet

Once you said this was all my fault
That I could just halt the train
And maybe you kind of already knew
That was what you would do in the rain

I hope you’re well
If you can tell

The spring is not here yet
Another year
And I am still wet

One thought on “Monday Song: “The Spring”

  1. harry

    I big fan who just stumbled on Girlyman one day about six years ago, maybe seven, I bought all your work (and ty and django too). I really like your melodic sense, your vocalizations, and how you sound with Doris.

    Counterpoint is a masterpiece. But just one of many.

    Thanks for all you’ve shared.

    Best of luck!



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